Today’s my Birthday !

WOW ! I made it to another birthday, I’m 63 now !  Now that I’m further down that river I’ve had time to reflect on life & music. I still pray for the many friends I’ve played music with & aren’t here anymore. The Highs the Lows but you know what ? I may not be “rich” & “famous” but I’m HAPPY. I’m in control of my life & music & feel good about it. But now I need to tell you, the “People” what needs to be done to bring back good music. Us Independent Musicians need your support & not just me the entire Independent Movement. Give any Independent artist a listen on Bandcamp or Drooble & find out for yourself. Quit supporting the “mainstream” music industry that gives you “BAD” music that you’re willing buy. It’s kind of like buying brand name Tennis shoes for $ 200 when you can buy the same Tennis shoe without the the brand name for & $ 20.  We independent Musicians offer our “quality”music at ridiculously low prices so you can afford it & we can get exposure (some of us don’t have mainstream radio exposure..yet) So this is our way of getting “our” music out there by charging “low prices”. I ask $2.25 for an MP3 album download the majors ask $ 9.99, I ask $ 7.50 for a music CD, the majors will ask $ 14.99. Is the music any better in the “mainstream music Industry” than in the “Independent music Industry” NO ! So why kick a corporate dead horse ! Come out & support real “People” who are putting out “Real” music by supporting “INDEPENDENT MUSICIANS ” Long Live “REAL” Rock’n’Roll !


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