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9th Annual Santa Fe Independent Film Festival

“Ancient Gallery” is being “considered” to be in this years “9th Annual Santa Fe Independent Film Festival”. We’re not all the way in the program yet, but this is exciting news for us here at the indigenous Research Center because the ancient decipherments seen in “Ancient Gallery” haven’t been seen in hundreds, if not thousands of years. So let the Ancients speak !

Ancient Gallery Video


Almost got all my Global distribution together

Whew ! What a whirlwind it’s been. To all my fans out there I about got all my musical business ducks in a row finally. Once that is done I’m ready to do something I’ve been looking forward to doing for a long time.  Which is forming a “band” to perform all the music I put out on CD’s & downloads.  It’s been quite a trip & with this blog I’ll be informing you all of what is going on as it happens. So please subscribe to my blog. Oh yes before I forget, for all the Facebook users, I’ve got “Ancient Gallery” in my “Shop” to purchase. to view the video go to the “Ancient gallery” link here Ancient Gallery Vid View it, if you like to purchase it, go to @culteemusic on FB and you can order it there.