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Today’s my Birthday !

WOW ! I made it to another birthday, I’m 63 now !  Now that I’m further down that river I’ve had time to reflect on life & music. I still pray for the many friends I’ve played music with & aren’t here anymore. The Highs the Lows but you know what ? I may not be “rich” & “famous” but I’m HAPPY. I’m in control of my life & music & feel good about it. But now I need to tell you, the “People” what needs to be done to bring back good music. Us Independent Musicians need your support & not just me the entire Independent Movement. Give any Independent artist a listen on Bandcamp or Drooble & find out for yourself. Quit supporting the “mainstream” music industry that gives you “BAD” music that you’re willing buy. It’s kind of like buying brand name Tennis shoes for $ 200 when you can buy the same Tennis shoe without the the brand name for & $ 20.  We independent Musicians offer our “quality”music at ridiculously low prices so you can afford it & we can get exposure (some of us don’t have mainstream radio exposure..yet) So this is our way of getting “our” music out there by charging “low prices”. I ask $2.25 for an MP3 album download the majors ask $ 9.99, I ask $ 7.50 for a music CD, the majors will ask $ 14.99. Is the music any better in the “mainstream music Industry” than in the “Independent music Industry” NO ! So why kick a corporate dead horse ! Come out & support real “People” who are putting out “Real” music by supporting “INDEPENDENT MUSICIANS ” Long Live “REAL” Rock’n’Roll !

What a strange trip it’s been !

Whew ! a few months ago there was no website or blog & I needed to build one. After nights of research on youtube & tips online I managed to finally put together a website & a blog. But now you may ask why am I doing this ? I’m a songwriter and an “Independent Musician” who feels that the music industry has committed economic suicide & dropped the ball by not developing it’s artist & we’re here to pick up that Ball. Also I as a songwriter want “you” the listener to hear what’s in ‘my’ head” & not what some Record exec or CEO wants to hear & consume like pablum. Also I’m here because today’s’ Rock kinda sucks big time ! I may not sing in key or may even hit a flub note on guitar now & then, but hey that’s “real” Rock’n’Roll ! LOL ! I guess this is my mission statement & intro to my blog talk. Anyways welcome to my blog & check out & buy the tunes that I wrote (No excuse for not buying, I got affordable “Indian prices” & nothing is over $ 8.00). Oh, also check out “Ancient Gallery” An Indigenous interpretation of what is “really” in ancient art, it may surprise you. For way to long  we Natives have allowed outside sources to interpret our culture, now is the time to change that. Enjoy !